The German Modal Verb “können” Quiz A

Choose the correct forms of “können” in German Quiz A

Recently we published a post about the German Modal verb “können” on our sister site
That site offers FREE courses, games and podcasts for four European languages German, French, Spanish and Italian.
The travel-story based courses and Quick Games may be a fun way to learn and practice a little more before your next trip to the countries where those languages are spoken.
Over the next weeks and months we’ll also add more Quizzes for these and other languages on Lingo-Late.
Here is now our first German Quiz #1 with the German Modal verb “können”:

German Modal Verb “können”: Quiz A

Choose the correct form of  "können"!

Author: Peter Rettig

In his third career, Peter Rettig started and - as a language lover and traveler later in life - Lingo-Late with his wife, Ulrike.

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