Learn Turkish For Travel

If you’re planning to visit Turkey, you can learn and practice 23 essential Turkish words and phrases here.  

You are starting with greetings and polite phrases in Turkish 1.
Arguably these are the most important words you want to practice: When you are in a foreign you should always use the local greetings. (Just think how you would feel to be greeted by a stranger in his/her language in YOUR country!)
And simple words like “please” or “thank you” will often get you a smile – even if your accent gives you away as a foreigner.
In Turkish 2 you can practice how to ask “Where is ….” questions.
The obvious challenge here is the very likelihood that you will hear a response in rapid Turkish that you won’t understand.
But it may also allow you to make a contact by asking a question politely – and possibly continue in a language that you and your contact both can communicate in.