Learn Portuguese For Travel

Lisbon and Rio Tejo

If you’re planning to visit Portugal, you can learn and practice 36 essential Portuguese words and phrases here.

Why should you even bother to learn Portuguese for travel or just a few essential words and phrases?
Chances are you’ll be staying in a hotel or a B&B.
Just being able to say “Hello” or “Good morning” or “Thank you” to the waiter or your host in Portuguese might get you a smile.
Especially in the countryside or small towns greetings may even be expected when you pass somebody.
So, spend a little time and learn at the very least the first 11+ words and phrases of Portuguese 1.
Being a visitor in Portugal will make you much more welcome, when you make the effort to greet people in Portuguese.
Most Portuguese guidebooks will have a sections with such “essentials”. However, just looking at them will not let you pronounce them correctly, nor put them into your memory.
And looking up “Thank you” or a greeting in your guide book when you need it, is just not practical.
Starting with greetings and polite phrases in Portuguese 1, you’ll learn to ask “Where is ….” questions in Portuguese 2 , and in Portuguese 3 you’ll hear some possible answers