Learn Italian For Travel

If you’re planning to visit Italy, you should really learn some Italian for travel. You can practice 36 essential Italian words and phrases here.
Most Italian guidebooks will have a section with a list of such “essentials”. However, just looking at them will not let you pronounce them correctly, nor put them into your memory.
That’s why we not only give you the audio, but also let you practice them by recording your voice.
And by practicing with the Quizlet flashcards and exercises at the end you will remember these words and phrases when you need them!
Starting with greetings and polite phrases, Italian 1 for Travel is arguably the “must do” lesson you should practice .
You’ll learn to ask “Dov’è…?” questions in Italian 2 , and in Italian 3 you’ll hear some possible answers.
We have found that even if you don’t understand a Italian speaker’s rapid answer to your “Dov’è…?” question, there is still a benefit: You will have started a conversation – which you could continue in English or another language you both speak…

And if your Italian is already more advanced, you may enjoy reading about Le Mani in Pasta and More in Italian Idioms on our sister site GamesforLanguage .