Learn German For Travel

Essential German words and phrases before you travel

If you’re planning to visit German-speaking countries, you can learn and practice 50 essential German words and phrases here.
Starting in German 1 with greetings, you’ll learn to ask “Where is ….” questions in German 2 , in German 3 you’ll hear some possible answers, and in German 4, you’ll learn some German restaurant basics.

Let us know which essential German words and phrases to include in German 5 For Travel!

And if your German is already more advanced, you may enjoy reading about Sausages, Fruits, Ships and More in German Idioms on our sister site GamesforLanguage .

Author: Ulrike Rettig

Ulrike S. Rettig holds a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University. After a teaching career she worked for Pimsleur Language Programs and co-founded GamesforLanguage.com in 2011. Now, with Lingo-Late.com she offers her experience and insights to language lovers before they travel.

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