Learn Dutch For Travel

If you’re planning to visit the Netherlands, you can learn and practice 36 essential Dutch words and phrases here.

With Dutch 1, you can practice Dutch greetings and polite phrases. These are really quite easy to learn. And by able to record yourself you can practice some of the more typical Dutch language sounds, like the guttural “g”.
And even, if your accent or pronunciation does identify you as a foreigner, a friendly smile will often reward you for trying .
These eleven words and phrases are not that difficult to learn and remember. You could also write each on a card and review them at breakfast and dinner for a few days. Use the recording function to practice your pronunciation!
You’ll learn to ask “Where is ….” questions in Dutch 2.
If you have worked on your Dutch pronunciation you may hear a response in fast Dutch that you won’t understand.
That’s why in Dutch 3 you’ll can listen to some possible answers.
Fortunately in the Netherlands, well over 90% of the population speak some English and your conversation could switch to English quite easily.
So beyond the greetings and polite phrases Dutch 2 and Dutch 3 will only be useful for those travelers who also want to be prepared for the 10%, or find polite “Where is …?” a good way to start a conversation….