Practice with Italian for Travel Quiz

Travel to Italy?: "Dov'è il Colosseo?"

Planning a trip to Italy? Do you recall some essential Italian words and phrases?

You’ll find here some the vocabulary of the first two lessons of Italian for Travel.

Maybe you need to remind yourself of some of the words and phrases. Or if you just want to learn 20+ essential words and phrases: click on Italian 1 for Travel or Italian 2 for Travel.

There you can also record yourself to practice your pronunciation.

We have found this: Just knowing the essential greetings and polite phrases will make your trip so much more enjoyable. Even if your pronunciation is not perfect, you’ll often be rewarded with a smile for trying.
And especially in small towns or places off the beaten path greetings are expected even from strangers!

You want to spend a little more time preparing for your next trip to an Italian speaking country (e.g. Switzerland)?

Go to, our completely FREE language learning sister site.

Here you have the choice of registering for learning and practicing Italian with a travel-story. You can also just click on one of our many Italian Language Games (no registration required).
In addition to the free Italian courses and games, Gamesforlanguage also offers free Italian Podcasts and articles about language learning.

Or if you are into Quizzes, play the Italian Rome Quiz.

Italian For Travel Quiz

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